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Energy Upgrade California

Energy Upgrade California

As A participating contractor in the Energy Upgrade California Program we are authorized to conduct Energy Assessments and perform any upgrades you the homeowner deem prudent to make your home more efficient, healthier to live in and most importantly a safe home.  With your approval we will conduct an Energy Assessment on your home, which will include a complete exterior inspection, a complete interior inspection, we will check all natural gas lines for leakage, check your water heater if natural gas or propane for proper draft and inspect the furnace.  We then prepare the home to place the combustion appliances under worst case conditions and test with a Testo Gas Azalyzer for proper combustion and carbon monoxide levels and to ensure the appliances are drafting properly and not emitting dangerous levels of carbon monoxide into the heating ducts or into the living spaces. 

A Blower Door will be installed into a exterior door of choice to check for building leakage, then a duct blaster will be used to check the amount of heat or air loss in your duct system.  The combination of the blower door and duct blaster at 25cfm will give the percentage of total leakage fro the ducts to the home prepare a energy model and submit to your local utility company for approval.

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