"Integrating Today's Energy Efficient
Green Technologies to Homes of Yesterday"


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Integrating today’s energy efficient green technologies to homes of yesterday.


Home Performance Contractor

With over two decades of experience in the construction industry, Home Tight, Inc. owner Mike Estupinian brings a wealth of knowledge about buildings, and how they work, to his home performance and energy auditing business. This experience, combined with formal certifications including BPI Building Analyst and  Shell / Envelope Professional, compels Mike to look at each home as a system, to evaluate the ways that its various components interact with each other, and to find real solutions that improve energy efficiency, comfort, and environmental friendliness while optimizing indoor air quality and other health and safety factors. In addition to home performance assessments (energy audits), home performance contracting and energy retrofits, Home Tight provides general contracting services providing insulation, windows, doors, heat and air change outs, duct testing, building air leakage testing and sealing, solar PV installation.

The result: buildings that are healthier, safer, more efficient and affordable to operate, more durable, more comfortable and easier on the environment. In addition to being a Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certified Professional, Mike is a member of Build it Green and Efficiency First, a Participating Contractor with SMUD and PG&E Utilities, and a Participating Contractor for the Energy Upgrade California program.  Home Tight Inc. currently offers service in the Sarcamento Metropolitan and San Francisco Bay Area.  

When Mike is not out making homes more energy efficient, or researching ways to improve the efficiency of our existing building stock, he enjoys spending time with his wife of 34 years, grandchildren and two dogs.